Comic Book Villains:
How the Bad Guys Teach Us Morality

Educational and fun program to teach boys and girls about morality through the actions of DC and Marvel Comics’ biggest and baddest villains. Boys and girls will identify immoral behaviors of their favorite villains and learn important life lessons about the ethical or unethical choices we have as humans and how they affect others.

Recommended for 4th-12 grade boys or girls.


  • Identify the difference in the purpose and motives of superheroes and villains.

  • Visually analyze the bad behavior of villains in selected movie or TV scenes.

  • Listen to the plot of an episode, “The Man Who Murdered Time”, from a vintage radio show which will be used in an acting skit where participants develop their own unique solution to the problem presented between the hero and villain. 

  • Practice conflict resolution that actively fights against evil in acting skits.

Slideshow with movie scenes and group discussion, retro skits with props modeled after a 1930’s radio show crime fighter, The Shadow. 90 minutes.