Feminist Fairytales(In Development)

 Inspirational program to examine old fashioned fairytales and the lack of female agency within recognizable classic princesses such as Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. A feminist fairytale will be read out loud for cross comparison and girls will have the chance to create their very own fairytale with a group.

Recommended for 4th-12th grade girls.

In development. Future scheduling available.


  • Examine and analyze classic Disney fairytales and young women’s roles within them through lead princess characters.

  • Understand how young women are shown to be weak, unintelligent, or powerless in vintage Disney depictions of fairytales.

  • Learn that female characters can be strong and do anything just like real girls.

  • Encourage girls to develop their critical thinking, writing, and creative skills in the group fairytale activity.