My Students Created Homemade Cards for Survivors of Human Trafficking with Durga Tree International

Durga Cards.jpg

What a very special time my students of Women in Contemporary Society and I had with Durga Tree International on our service project for Women's History Month.

I approached Durga Tree International, a small yet budding non-profit in Ramsey, NJ with an idea to make homemade cards for the survivors of human trafficking they directly assist in shelters throughout the world. The CEO, Beth Tiger, and Business Development Director, Kendra DeBree visited our classroom to provide an educational presentation on trafficking to seventy-two students

To make use of the information they received in their presentation, students moved their awareness into action by creating supportive, uplifting cards to child survivors of trafficking in Guatemala. In addition to providing support and love, these cards will even provide English practice for the children who are enrolled in shelter's school. Ms. Tiger will personally hand-deliver our cards this month to the shelter in Guatemala when she leads a small community team on their annual immersion trip!

Consider supporting Durga Tree International in their mission to fundraise for survivor shelters around the world:

Happy Women's History Month!

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