Interview with Erica Wiederlight

Actress Extraordinaire, Spiritual Millennial, and Family Friend with a Great Big Heart

“When I make people laugh or I am doing a big, crazy scene I don't feel attractive. It feels good in my heart but I don't feel like Marilyn Monroe and when I try to be something sexy, I don't feel funny. It's trying to find me and the reality of myself.” Erica Wiederlight

“In the acting business, my friends have played parts 'the slut, hot neighbor, the whore' and these are legitimate shows, and their call is a is giving no one worth. They are saying you are so ugly so you will be this frumpy, weird thing or you are attractive so we will sexualize you and you have no mind...I am trying to take personal responsibility; here I am, right here and right now, here's Erica. I am not a this, a that, I am me." Erica Wiederlight

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